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Although Apple and Google officially sit out the biggest tech trade show of the year, their platforms are well represented by the third parties that create thousands of products for them. This year it feels like Microsoft is simply being left out.

Windows has virtually no presence in the two biggest things to hit computing in a long time, and it's starting to show. Microsoft may not be in trouble - but Windows is.

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RE[3]: meaningless statistics
by Dano on Sun 12th Jan 2014 23:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: meaningless statistics"
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There may be innovative projects in FOSS development, but saying nothing innovative goes on in Windows is ridiculous. One of the biggest problems is that armchair judgments are made based on what Microsoft does with the Windows user interface rather than developments that go on under the hood. The programming models in .NET, the language and compiler development by Microsoft, and features in both Win 8 and cloud computing in Windows Azure are all good examples on innovation. The work being done to improve SQL Server and programming models to it is interesting. Work being done to compile the .NET targets directly to native hardware code is interesting. Microsoft embedded is doing some new work that is interesting. I would love to have some reading material references, and I am asking this in a respectful way, on what innovation is currently going on in FOSS. The work going on at Microsoft with managed code and the Singularity project is innovative and interesting. Also people making innovation judgments are not considering work done by third party Windows developers. You may dump on Windows Phone, but a lot of work not yet released is being done to improve it, Improve its search and assistant capabilities and most importantly to merge the Phone and tablet programming models.

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