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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Mozilla plans to establish an automated process which would verify that binaries contain only the code found in the official source repositories, and not spyware secretly added during the build process at the behest of government intelligence agencies. In a blog post entitled Trust but Verify, CTO Brendan Eich and R&D VP Andreas Gal note that governments "may force service operators [such as Mozilla] to enable surveillance (something that seems to have happened in the Lavabit case)" and pledge to develop systems which will make Firefox resistant to this form of tampering.

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Comment by ilovebeer
by ilovebeer on Tue 14th Jan 2014 18:08 UTC
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Like freedom, privacy is an illusion in today's world. The software running on chips inside your computer/devices can't even be trusted so should people really feel more secure? We crossed the line into the surveillance age a while ago and there isn't any going back. The idea that Mozilla, or any other company for that matter, is capable of `protecting me` in any capacity from a government that has already proven it will do what it likes, when it likes, anywhere in the world it likes, either destined to fail or intended to create false trust in the first place.

Your house is watched from space. Your movements are recorded whether it's "traffic" cameras watching you and/or gps running on your cellphone in your pocket. All of your banking and finance is tracked. Everything you do on the internet in the "privacy" of your own home is tracked. Your phone calls are recorded. I could spend all day continuing this list... Instead I will say welcome to the world you've been living in, whether you knew/know it or not.

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