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Paul Thurrott on the next version of Windows and the future of the platform.

In some ways, the most interesting thing about Threshold is how it recasts Windows 8 as the next Vista. It's an acknowledgment that what came before didn't work, and didn't resonate with customers. And though Microsoft will always be able to claim that Windows 9 wouldn't have been possible without the important foundational work they had done first with Windows 8 - just as was the case with Windows 7 and Windows Vista - there's no way to sugarcoat this. Windows 8 has set back Microsoft, and Windows, by years, and possibly for good.

With even Paul Thurrott claiming Windows is in trouble, it becomes virtually impossible to deny it is so.

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RE[7]: Comment by Kroc
by lucas_maximus on Tue 14th Jan 2014 21:47 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Kroc"
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Is your business in procuring or building computers for people?

No, I am a .NET developer

I've received dozens (if not a hundred, by now) calls from people who bought a new computer with Windows 8 and they think something is wrong with it because "This stupid program keeps coming up and covering my whole screen when I try to do something - my desktop disappears and I get this weird colored mess." First time I heard it, I thought they were talking about video artifacts so I told them to take the computer back and get a replacement - which did the exact same thing. It was only after that when I realized it was Windows 8's start menu confusing them

If you thought it was video artifacts you are a dumbass.

Utter bollox once again. People don't have any problem with tablets and phones having full page applications so I doubt this is true. But suddenly because they are using a computer they totally lose their shit and say "I have never seen a full screen app ever, except all the other time I have maximised a window or use a application on my phone or tablet".


You are lying.

Oh... and you DO NOT want to know how many people called me to figure out how to login to their computer... or to shut it down... Thankfully, I walk them through getting to a browser and downloading a program I setup on my server to take full control of their computer - then I install Start8 and a few other utilities to make it more like Windows 7.

More bollox again. You type the password as per usual, nothing has changed since Windows 7.

I still get complaints about how flat everything looks - people are accustomed to being able to see '3d' boundaries on buttons and controls... taking those way and making them flat makes people think they are broken. Stardock must be loving it!

Well that is aesthetics and isn't to everyone's taste.

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