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Paul Thurrott on the next version of Windows and the future of the platform.

In some ways, the most interesting thing about Threshold is how it recasts Windows 8 as the next Vista. It's an acknowledgment that what came before didn't work, and didn't resonate with customers. And though Microsoft will always be able to claim that Windows 9 wouldn't have been possible without the important foundational work they had done first with Windows 8 - just as was the case with Windows 7 and Windows Vista - there's no way to sugarcoat this. Windows 8 has set back Microsoft, and Windows, by years, and possibly for good.

With even Paul Thurrott claiming Windows is in trouble, it becomes virtually impossible to deny it is so.

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RE[7]: Windows Nap Time
by lemur2 on Wed 15th Jan 2014 09:08 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Windows Nap Time"
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"Both office suites have comparatively poor compatibility for the primary formats of the other.

I strongly disagree. LibreOffice has excellent compatibility for MSOffice formats whereas MSOffice has abysmal compatibility for the OpenDocument formats.

I submit as evidence this snapshot from my Linux Mint Petra KDE desktop:

On the left is Okular (PDF viewer) showing a PDF of MSOffice output of a .docx test document.

On the right is LibreOffice Writer Version: with the actual .docx test document loaded.

Note that this is a Linux desktop which does not have proprietary MS fonts (such as Cambria) installed, but rather the Calibri/Cambria replacements Carlito/Caladea (metric equivalent fonts) are displayed instead.

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