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Elop's decision to focus solely on Windows Phone had one very important side-effect: the Maemo/MeeGo team was suddenly free from all the internal politics, and this meant that they could finally focus on building the best smartphone they possibly could. This phone would be end-of-life even before it appeared on the shelves, and it would have no future. It would be a last big hurrah, a last-ditch, all-in effort - and it resulted in a device that I think is one of the most beautiful pieces of technology ever conceived.

This seems like a good moment to highlight this unique masterpiece - because I'm finally getting one (my brother's parting with his). The white version is the most beautiful piece of technology ever created.

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RE: Nice looking phone
by No it isnt on Wed 15th Jan 2014 16:47 UTC in reply to "Nice looking phone"
No it isnt
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The N9 has loads of features that are both pretty and sound, functional design. The slightly rounded screen defines the visuals right down to the shape of the phone and the icons, but is itself meant to better enable the swipe UI, which it does. Speaking of swipe, the N9 Swype keyboard is also vastly superior to its Android counterpart, and of course also to any other touchscreen phone keyboard. And even if you dislike it, you can just swipe it off, quickly replacing it with a manual one, which still offers great tactile feedback.

The screen also works very well in daylight compared to screens from any other manufacturer, especially AMOLEDs. Oh, and that low-power clock is so useful, especially with an extension that offers instant notifications.

The only fault in which visuals interfere with usability is that the shape isn't the most pocket-friendly. The plastic is also a bit too slippery in your hands. It doesn't slip as easily off a table as the Nexus 4 does, though, and neither does it shatter when it reaches the floor.

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