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Linux It's that time again, folks. "I realize the title might mislead you to believe that I've been trapped in a dank, dark underground dungeon for a year. In reality, though, I have been without Microsoft Windows for over a year. On November 1 of last year I blew away my old Windows 98/SUSE Linux 8.0 Professional dual-boot installation, and loaded SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional, by itself, on my box. While I know others have been Windows-free for much longer than a year, others simply cannot imagine doing without it. Here's my experience." Be gentle.
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...not so good tho' that it took 2 separate distro's to do it. :/

Or did I misread the story?

Still, I think Linux has come more than far enough for a "typical" user, someone who has to write a few documents, surf the web, get email, etc. It has more productivity apps than I can count. ;)

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