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President Obama announced on Friday that he will place new limits on intelligence agencies' bulk collection of phone call records. But he rejected some other recommendations to rein in surveillance made by a panel of outside advisers.

The NYT lists the changes. It's insubstantial.

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RE: Spying on its own people
by ilovebeer on Sat 18th Jan 2014 18:08 UTC in reply to "Spying on its own people"
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There are a lot of couch critics here in America. People who are very opinionated as long as they don't have to get off the couch. We've been conditioned to be like this. We've been conditioned to be submissive.

We're also a very divided country with our politicians seemingly trying to deepen that divide as much as possible. Maybe it's to prevent us from becoming united? If we're too consumed with hating each other, we're no threat to those in power and those engaged in the raping of the middle & lower class.

Our election system is rigged in that it allows for fraud, and citizens votes do not decide who wins elections. Our leaders have manipulated the rules making it near impossible to remove people we don't like AKA gerrymandering. "The will of the people" is allowed only when in alignment with what those in power want.

Lastly, I don't believe my government is spying on everyone, including our own citizens, to protect. Those who seek to destroy the US have already won because they have made a once great nation into a fearful & paranoid, that is going to self-destruct.

There mere fact that I'm hesitant to submit posts like this speaks volumes. Who is the biggest threat -- the people on the other side of the Earth wishing you to fail, or those who are looking over your shoulder 24/7 recording every aspect of your life?

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