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But at least they're trying, right? Absolutely. I'm glad they are. But it would be awesome if the brilliant minds at Google worked on something everyone reading this would actually want to buy. Not something we probably won't see for years, maybe even decades.

Yeah! I mean, who wants Gmail, Google Search, Chrome, Android, YouTube, AdWords, Google Apps, Maps, and so on, and so forth. All useless stuff nobody wants!

How dare Google focus on more than immediate financial gain, and instead focus on trying to make the roads safer, or helping diabetics, or trying to explore the potential applications of wearable computing! All activities of every company ever should always and exclusively be focussed on immediate financial gain and shareholder returns, or else they'll get brilliant bloggers who contribute so much to the world complaining they can't spend their money right now, right away, now, now!

Google's 'moonshots', or the stuff Microsoft does at Microsoft Research, might not immediately satisfy the grubby little hands of entitled consumers, but thank god they're doing it.

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Comment by Drumhellar
by Drumhellar on Sun 19th Jan 2014 19:16 UTC
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For every thousand bad ideas that get tried, only one turns out to be actually useful.

This is how true innovation happens, and you can't get that one good idea without trying those thousand bad ideas.

So, maybe a blood-sugar monitoring contact lens isn't the most useful thing for most diabetics. That doesn't mean the lessons learned won't apply to other technology.

Same with Google Glass. Maybe it wont' be successful as-is, but that doesn't mean lessons learned from it won't be what makes the next dissimilar product from taking off. This is how true research happens - no specific goal or promise of monetary gain, just research for the sake or research. Try something, see if it works, if not, take what you learned and try something new. Don't stop to ask if something will work before you try, instead, try, then ask if it did work.

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