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Steve Wozniak about the movie Jobs (crappy Google+ still doesn't have comment links, so scroll down a bit):

Actually, the movie was largely a lie about me.

This is what happens when a businessman is hyped up into the stratosphere and turned into a messiah - other people get marginalised to further deify the supposed hero.

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RE[3]: Wozniak vs Jobs
by mistersoft on Mon 20th Jan 2014 12:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wozniak vs Jobs"
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To be honest Tony Swash, do you actually wish for any "techie discourse" at all(?!) given how much of a strong and hearty apple supporter you are, and you yourself exclaim it:

"Apple is dedicated to making the techie irrelevant and extinct."


You're blatantly a little bit of a techie, and Apple have successfully managed to capture you too along with iHoards, plus they have recently introduced their techie wet dream (slight hyperbole intended) in the new Mac Pro super dustbin. They (used) bang on about their "UNIX underpinnings". They make some great technical/pro level applications. They also have pretty good developer tools, well, esp if
you're not a hater of the lock in or the walled garden.. .I'm certainly no fanboy but I'm happy to give them credit on both an aesthetic and a technical front. As they indeed are techies and consumers alike.

The only real and true anti-techie bias from Apple is in their lack of meaningful user manuals..!

Beyond that (on this point) I think you're talking tosh Swash!

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