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Steve Wozniak about the movie Jobs (crappy Google+ still doesn't have comment links, so scroll down a bit):

Actually, the movie was largely a lie about me.

This is what happens when a businessman is hyped up into the stratosphere and turned into a messiah - other people get marginalised to further deify the supposed hero.

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RE[5]: Wozniak vs Jobs
by mistersoft on Tue 21st Jan 2014 01:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wozniak vs Jobs"
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Other than the small minority of people like us, people who actually like to know how the tech works and who want to fiddle about with it, most users don't want to do that. They just want a tool to do a job, it's the job and the getting of it done that is of interest to ordinary people, the other 99.9%.

if you went down to 95%, sure I'd completely agree with that.

My quibble was primarily with your slightly inflammatory use of the word "dedicated"..!

As much as Apple knowingly target both the non-techie crowd along with those techies with a penchant for design/'simplicity', they don't seemingly show any disdain for techies either!

And "dedicated to making"..."irrelevant and extinct" - if you think over those words for a moment, you surely can't really agree with that?

.and to Testman, I'm not trying to troll thank you - I'm simply making a point as I see it!
But thanks for your constructive criticism. A pedant I may be but not a troll

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