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Linux kernel 3.13 has been released. This release includes are nftables, the successor of iptables, a revamp of the block layer designed for high-performance SSDs, a power capping framework to cap power consumption in Intel RAPL devices, improved squashfs performance, AMD Radeon power management enabled by default and automatic AMD Radeon GPU switching, improved NUMA and hugepage performance , TCP Fast Open enabled by default, support for NFC payments, support for the High-availability Seamless Redundancy protocol, new drivers and many other small improvements. Here's the full list of changes.

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RE[2]: 2014: the year of linux
by ilovebeer on Tue 21st Jan 2014 21:40 UTC in reply to "RE: 2014: the year of linux"
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I'm not sure summarizing the 3.13 kernel changelog can be considered "a positive article about linux". Regardless, it's an average kernel update, not a huge leap forward in any way so what do you really expect?

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