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FreeBSD 10 has been released. You can read the release notes, and, of course, go ahead and install it.

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You don't want to hurt religious people, yet your rants tried to impose your secular concepts about symbols and things to religious people?:

Wrong. I don't impose anything, I'm just stating my very individual opinion and make suggestions. In how far those can be followed is a decision everyone has to make for himself. And as I also said, I do not understand why one would misunderstand a sphere with spike as something demonic and de-value the operating system project it's just a logo (of minor importance) for.

I have known people(And these are employers) that in their business will remove or moved objects just to conform to their Feng Shui,

I know about Feng Shui, there's nothing wrong with it.

it may not creep into technology, but when they saw a logo like that of FreeBSD's, I don't know.

I admit this is possible, but again: Judging a computer operating system by its logo simply doesn't sound right to me.

Consider RELEASING a software to the public with a Satanic logo(Google provides you with a log of these symbols) and let us see.

Well, "to the public" is a very broad target audience. All products typically have a specific target market. And for FreeBSD, those who use it are either fine with its logo or just ignore it.

It's mainly about interpretation. As long as nobody "feels offended" by a logo, the product properties or the corporation behind it don't really matter, even if it's a clerical-fascistoid megacorp that spies on people or does other bad things.

Common, please use Oracle in the context of Oracle's business. Your comparisons fall short.

No. I'm applying the same "logic" here, it's all about interpretation, assumption and attribution. And my examples are all wrong. Your statement also works in reverse: Use the FreeBSD logo in the context of the FreeBSD OS.

FreeBSD uses an explicit image that can be interpreted as offensive to some religious folks.

Yes, I don't deny that it can do this. But so can others, too.

Do not go overboard and being an OA.

What's an "OA"?

When someone criticizes a logo, that means we have different opinions over things and thats normal,

It's interesting that nobody had the phantasy that I've demonstrated in my "critic considerations" and carry it to the big corporations with their logos. It seems to be easier to discuss this topic on free and open software instead of "established business software", and FreeBSD has been a typical target over the years. OpenBSD (logo: a fish with spikes) and NetBSD (logo: a flag) hasn't been addressed in that way.

because the world does not revolve around your head and will not spin because your head says so.

It's interesting that the sun did revolve around the earth 500 years ago, and it was an accepted truth. :-)

Some professionalism can be expressed in the used of Logo, AND I CAN'T see it with a demonic figure with fork in his hands.

Isn't it possible to see the intended analogy of a daemon (a system serivce) with a friendly little guy in sneakers and with a pitchfork? Why is there anything demonic (usually in a christian interpretation) in it? Is it in a bull too? It has horns.

That reminds me of the battle between Gabriel and the Devil. Little google search reminds us the importance of logo,
and the wikipedia tells us more.

Please read up on the "mark of the beast", its importance in performing trade, and see the analogy in smartphones and upcoming implants. It's possible and valid to draw that implication.

The fact is the world is not the U.S. and the U.S. is not the world. Some people think this way and can't get away to see that there are people that will going to disagree with them on certain subjects, and that because they live in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY, they can dictate anyone on any subjects, be it religious, marriage, and moral values.

I fully agree.

There are better alternatives, if you can't market your product properly, even if how good you think it is, sorry. I have CentOS, enough already. Thanks.

Marketing has nothing to do with product quality. Instead, aggressive marketing can compensate poor product quality. If you have a bad product and throw money at marketing, people will still buy it even though they could have better alternatives for less money. This is what reality keeps teaching us for many years now.

On the other hand, if you have a good product, people will use it despite it has a strange logo or doesn't perform big marketing acts. FreeBSD for example has many users who value it, even though it's "for free".

And please consider something else:

The BSDL (FreeBSD license) allows using its source code without contribution or notification, changing it, turning it into closed source, and selling it, even develop own products. Just think how many routers,
managed switches, firewalls and NAS are out there, running FreeBSD, without anyone knowing it? And how comfortable are you with the fact that you probably have no way of finding it out?

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