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I'm not exactly a fan of reporting on Kickstarter projects, but I guess I can't really ignore this one any longer.

Thorium Core is a commercial distribution of ReactOS, the Open Source Windows compatible operating system, targeted for cloud computing

Thorium Core is an attempt to build a commercial operating system and cloud services platform, based on ReactOS, which is an Open Source implementation of the NT architecture seen in modern versions of Windows.

It would seem that cloning Windows NT - in the end a neverending chase while wearing a stone around your neck and with your feet glued to a concrete block on Jupiter - is no longer a reasonable future goal. I kind of have my doubts about this project, but as always - major credit for trying.

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by Megol on Wed 22nd Jan 2014 16:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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"It may be cheaper than real Windows, but is it penny wise, pound foolish?

Because I doubt they can get anywhere near the reliability of real Windows. If it turns out your application doesn´t work or starts to crash every weekend after 6 months of perfect excecution, can you ask your vendor to fix it? They´ll likely tell you to use Microsoft Windows instead.

If you can´t afford Windows you have to wonder if your business is going anywhere.

Just get applications that run on Linux.

The goal of ReactOS is to provide an open-source OS that can use Windows device drivers. (eg. for niche or custom hardware where porting the drivers to Linux isn't feasible)

That's not the main reason, many people consider the Windows NT design to be very good and want it available as an Open Source[tm] version. That's the kernel and lower levels - I don't think there's anyone that likes Win32...

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