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Google led in lobbying spending by ten tech firms who pumped a combined $61.15 million into efforts to influence federal regulators and lawmakers in 2013, up 15.9 percent from a combined total of $52.78 million, according to records filed with the Clerk of the House this week.

Apparently AT&T is not considered to be a technology company, because they spent more than Google. All in all, virtually all companies heavily increased their spending on legalised corruption in the US.

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RE: Age-old practice
by hackus on Thu 23rd Jan 2014 18:11 UTC in reply to "Age-old practice"
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Various mafia types use to control large sections of New York.

By your reasoning shouldn't they have been listened to as well since they are made up of people who live in the city?

The problem is decisions are being made through the use of money, by organizational structures not accessible to those who must live with the consequences of these decisions.

That is corrupt because it is power exercised without due process of the republic clearly spelled out in the Law of the Land.

Whole sections of the Law of the Land are now obsolete.

The evil this is spawning is going to be so horrendous, they will have to burn the bodies from the mass death that will result from all of this mischief you read about in the news.

History is repeating itself. Mass death will be much more efficient than in the previous wars.

They will have so many dead bodies they will have to resort to burning them.

They will blot out the sun.


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