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Google led in lobbying spending by ten tech firms who pumped a combined $61.15 million into efforts to influence federal regulators and lawmakers in 2013, up 15.9 percent from a combined total of $52.78 million, according to records filed with the Clerk of the House this week.

Apparently AT&T is not considered to be a technology company, because they spent more than Google. All in all, virtually all companies heavily increased their spending on legalised corruption in the US.

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Seperation of Coporations and State
by hackus on Thu 23rd Jan 2014 21:25 UTC
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We have separation of Church and State for good reason.

For the same reasons we all know that money induces people to make bad decisions.

We can't have that sort of influence if we want a fair society.

Unless this is addressed, there is going to be much more suffering. Children are not born wanting to blow things up.

They are taught that by the societies in which they live, and adopt those values because there is no other choice or chance to prove them wrong.

Humanity faces a critical juncture now. In the old days, tyranny and slavery could be avoided by running off to a far away undiscovered land.

Likewise wars could be avoided and the bankers that fund all of that mischief could be left behind by fleeing.

Likewise these tyrants only had access to simple cannon, muskets.

Now, every psychopath in the world has access to advanced weaponry that can destroy the entire world.

You can't flee.

You can't run.

We will either address the needs of the many and equality for all, or we will perish as a species.


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