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I'm not exactly a fan of reporting on Kickstarter projects, but I guess I can't really ignore this one any longer.

Thorium Core is a commercial distribution of ReactOS, the Open Source Windows compatible operating system, targeted for cloud computing

Thorium Core is an attempt to build a commercial operating system and cloud services platform, based on ReactOS, which is an Open Source implementation of the NT architecture seen in modern versions of Windows.

It would seem that cloning Windows NT - in the end a neverending chase while wearing a stone around your neck and with your feet glued to a concrete block on Jupiter - is no longer a reasonable future goal. I kind of have my doubts about this project, but as always - major credit for trying.

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by umccullough on Fri 24th Jan 2014 02:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by MOS6510"
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But how long ago has that been? The better part of a decade? there is a bazillion places that are HAPPY, downright ecstatic even, to sell you a Windows less laptop or desktop, in fact system76 and the like even have the windows key replaced by a little penguin! Dell has ubuntu, HP has Red Hat IIRC, they just about all have a Windows less option!

A bazillion eh?

In any case, what I don't understand is why I can't buy the exact same machine without Windows. The big OEMs like Dell and HP sell only one or two models without Windows last I checked - and they were usually stripped-down versions.

As someone who repairs my own machines, even laptops, using either spare parts or aftermarket replacements (cheap replacement displays, etc.), I would have a far harder time finding replacement parts for a system76 machine than some run-of-the-mill HP laptop.

In any case, I generally don't buy machines any more - I just wait for someone I know to throw away their old malware-infested windows machine and ask them to give it to me instead. I don't need cutting edge hardware for my day-to-day usage, and neither does the rest of my family.

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