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FreeBSD 10 has been released. You can read the release notes, and, of course, go ahead and install it.

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You can associate all the things to a word you like, but dictionary definitions are clear. In the context of religion and most other contexts of the word, faith refers to blind belief. Nobody can make the argument that faith is based on facts or logic without being completely disingenuous. But then again, you need to be disingenuous to have faith to begin with.

This is why computing is great, as 0s are 0s and 1s are 1s. This is why computing is dominated by atheists, as people who place the utmost importance on logic naturally and categorically deny faith. The few who are religious with any merits in the field are only able to get by with compartmentalization. Anyway, there's no point in arguing about the meanings of words to someone who denies dictionary definitions whenever it doesn't suit their purposes.

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