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Microsoft is once again planning to alter the way its Start Screen works in Windows 8.1 Update 1. While the software giant originally released Windows 8.1 last year with an option to bypass the "Metro" interface at boot, sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that the upcoming "Update 1" for Windows 8.1 will enable this by default. Like many other changes in Update 1, we’re told the reason for the reversal is to improve the OS for keyboard and mouse users.

Wow, a touch interface does not work with a mouse and keyboard. Who saw that coming.

I expect photos of many people eating crow.

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Pretty much the way I see it too. Add to that our very short experience with it at work and it's safe to say we will never move beyond Windows 7 unless a future Windows release operates exactly like 7.

The way I see it, if a desktop or laptop computer doesn't have a touch enabled screen, Metro simply doesn't belong on it, period. It makes sense on phones and tablets, but it's the stupidest thing to hit traditional desktops since Bob.

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