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Microsoft is once again planning to alter the way its Start Screen works in Windows 8.1 Update 1. While the software giant originally released Windows 8.1 last year with an option to bypass the "Metro" interface at boot, sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that the upcoming "Update 1" for Windows 8.1 will enable this by default. Like many other changes in Update 1, we’re told the reason for the reversal is to improve the OS for keyboard and mouse users.

Wow, a touch interface does not work with a mouse and keyboard. Who saw that coming.

I expect photos of many people eating crow.

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RE[8]: It's really not so bad...
by novad on Fri 31st Jan 2014 12:00 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: It's really not so bad..."
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First of all. OD CAN do all of the things you can do with GPOs, and more. Look into managed preferences.

I think we'll agree on the fact we disagree on that... But hey. It's you're right.

Furthermore, who said anything about scripts? All relevant settings on linux machines are stored in RCs and dotfiles.

I spoke about scripts explaining GPOs are not mandatory and that all they do could be done by scripts. It was a way to show that preconfigured stuff is sometimes just convenient.

And as for things not being preconfigured ... well ... In most cases, i consider this an advantage. All that is needed is docs, knowhow and time.

Somehow, i get the impression i'm talking to a point and click "admin".

Who said that when you use GPO's you can no longer dig in the roots of a system? If a setting isn't included "out of the box" in a GPO you can set the according registry (By GPO is once again most convenient way). If it require complex tasks you build the appropriate script. It's not being a point and click admin... It's much more using the right tool for the right stuff. Personal preferences are not relevant here.

If people accept to pay you to live out your passion it's wunderful. I'm really happy for you. But the people who pay me want results at the end of the day. Things must work quickly and without errors. The keyword there is time...

The worst thing when I have to go to a customer is when his infrastructure has been built up by a whatever fanboy (MS / Apple / Nux). You can be sure that the solutions that have been adopted are just crap.

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