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In my review of Jolla and Sailfish, one of my biggest issues was the rather lacklustre browser, which didn't support landscape mode. Yesterday, Jolla released the January update for their operating system, version, which includes many small new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, but most of all, it has vastly improved landscape support.

Half of the screen no longer turns blank when opening the keyboard in landscape mode, and support for it has been added to the default browser - which suddenly becomes a whole lot more useful, since browsing the web without landscape mode was a major pain in the butt. Jolla has also implemented full gesture support in landscape mode; before this update, gestures would not rotate with the screen orientation, but now they do.

The update contains a lot more improvements, and as promised, it was delivered in January. In addition, The New York Times has an article about Jolla as well. Not a lot of new information for those of us keeping up with all this stuff, but it's interesting to see major news outlets talking about Jolla.

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by bob_bipbip on Sat 1st Feb 2014 17:53 UTC
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I've installed playstore for waze, bank application. and fdroid for osmand and navit.
The only thing that is really missing is mms. Not that I send a lot of, but sometimes I received some....
And for my taste, a way to force 3g network. As of now, 4g is not implemented, and you only can force 2g network.
By the way, Android app are ok, but frankly, it's more of a band aid. But that doesn't bother me. In fact, it makes my jolla more useful at day one that my n9 and my ex n900.
The pace of new native app is truly impressive!!!
As a conclusion, if you don't want android or ios (like myself ), and you are ok with living in the edge, just get a jolla. At this time, there is a discount codes to get 40e reduce. But, if you want something that really works NOW, bug proof, get a blackberry 10 device.
My n9 is helping myself to wait until jolla is rock solid, even if it can be used every day. Sometimes I pop my sim card in my n9, sometimes in my jolla, too bad these two devices can't merge ;)
Something that I really really missed, is the low power mode of the oled n9: without touching the device, i can tell if someone is chatting with me (Facebook, sms, messenger, skype ) or if someone had send me mail, twitter, missed call, the weather, my ip address if i want to ssh/FTP/whatever, the time, what music is playing, next event in my calendar, etc etc....
It really put the device in a higher state of usefulness. You can't trully imagine how much time you gain by having the choice of NOT picking up your device to answer any notification.....

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