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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In October 2011, with the writing on the wall after Nokia switched to Windows Phone and closed the long-running MeeGo project, several former Maemo Nokians left the company ("Nokia was a coward"). With support from their old employer through the Nokia Bridge program, but without any access to Nokia's intellectual property or patents, the new company - called Jolla - continued the work that spawned the legendary N9, only able to use the open source parts of that phone's software.

Late 2013, their work culminated in Sailfish, running on their own smartphone, the Jolla. In a way, this device and its software has been in the making since 2004-2005, and considering the rocky roads and many challenges these people had to overcome between then and now, the phone sometimes seems to radiate defiance and determination.

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This. This is why i read OS News
by dgoemans on Sun 2nd Feb 2014 11:58 UTC
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This is a classic Thom article, and is exactly what keeps me subscribing to the OS News' RSS feed. Perfect balance between Thom's slightly blunt, sarcastic style, and incredibly insightful, well researched information. The back story, the details, everything. Although the editing could be a bit better ( i noticed a form instead of from, and a few other small things ), apart from that modern tech journalism could learn from articles like this. Thanks Thom!

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