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I don't like writing negative articles that don't include a solution to the problem, but in this case, there is no solution. The state of in-app purchases has now reached a level where we have completely lost it. Not only has the gaming industry shot itself in the foot, hacked off their other foot, and lost both its arms ... but it's still engaging in a strategy that will only damage it further.

Why are these gaming studios so intent of killing themselves?

Because massive application stores created a race to the bottom - as well as a huge pile of crap to wade through. Ten to twenty years from now, we won't look back favourably upon the App Store or Google Play.

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Freemium is survival for many developers
by dgoemans on Mon 3rd Feb 2014 19:20 UTC
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So, i am a game developer, and personally don't like being a target of freemium games, but this is the way i see it. We, as a society, love to pick on the film, music and print industries about their failure to adapt to the times. And we give them a lot of backlash about trying to fight it by introducing new technologies like 3D and 4K, which the majority of the consumer market doesn't care about. Yet the games industry is the one mass media industry that has actually been incredibly reactive in moving toward a new business model that actually works and keeps them afloat. And here we are giving them grief about it.

Mobile games are made targeting a casual audience, one that basically has no interest in paying consistently. There are statistics in a lot of well read dev blogs to back this up. If you have a marginally successful freemium game, you might live to feed yourself another month, if you're doing a pay-up-front title - unless you're a well known IP, the chances are you make about $40 in your first 3 months and sink after that. And that's the sad reality of being a game developer these days.

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