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Satya Nadella needs to find Microsoft's new "a computer on every desk and in every home running Microsoft software". Here's my stab at it: Microsoft services, sending data to and from every networked device in the world.

The next ubiquity isn't running on every device, it's talking to every device.

Interesting view.

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banana republic
by Paraquat on Thu 6th Feb 2014 00:51 UTC
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Microsoft's "advantage" is their abuse of the patent system, prime examples being extorting payments from Android, and their storefront patent-troll subsidiary, Intellectual Ventures. Their latest method of trying to lock-in vendors with UEFI "secure boot" is yet another example of how the company only seems able to compete with lawyers and dirty tricks.

Any normal country would take a dim view of such abuse of the legal system, and would try to put a stop to it. However, in the Banana Republic of the USA where corporate persons have more rights than real persons, I expect more and more laws and regulations to be enacted to protect Bill Gates' fortune. Indeed, protecting the wealthy is the top priority of the Congress and President - there is no duty more sacred than corporate welfare.

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