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The webOS Enyo team has released Moonstone (UI) and Spotlight (user interaction) libraries as part of a new webOS TV SDK>, powering the next generation of LG Smart TV. There is also a new version of Enyo coming (2.4).

While Moonstone and Spotlight are certainly highlights of Enyo 2.4, you may be just as interested in the robust new data-layer support you’ll find in this release. Enyo 2.4 has support for observers, one- and two-way bindings, computed properties, models and collections, and a set of new data-aware UI controls.

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by plague on Thu 6th Feb 2014 23:02 UTC in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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I'm a bit sad to see how webOS has fallen from a promising phone and tablet OS to just a TV OS.

Despite the horrible mismanagement at HP, they did open source it before LG took over and Enyo is a very nice crossplatform javascript frameork imo. The only free/open source one I know of that pretty much automagically handles touch based, mouse and keyboard based and now remote control based platforms in a single codebase.
If you want to develop a webapp that is supposed to work across any device, in any browser, I have a hard time finding a better alternative.

Their new UI Moonstone is nice for TV's I guess, but won't have the slightest impact on my projects, as they are desktop/tablet/mobile focused.

Hovever, I'm looking very much forward to their take on MVC in Enyo 2.3/2.4, as that is something I'm missing in Enyo 2.2.
Enyo.Model, Enyo.Collection, Enyo.DataRepeater, bindings, etc, are all very welcome additions. ;)

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