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The mysterious developer of the world's most popular free app, who drew global attention this past weekend with his sudden decision to remove it, tells Forbes that Flappy Bird is dead. Permanently.

This will go down as one of the craziest stories in what I reluctantly call "technology" of all time.

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Publicity stunt
by cmost on Wed 12th Feb 2014 00:04 UTC
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Hmmm... put out a stupid addictive game. Wait until some press about how popular it is, then threaten to pull it. Then sit back while the morons rush to download the game before it's gone and then populate online petitions and scream for it's return once it finally is gone. Marketing 101 if ever I saw it. This programmer is either a genius or a total idiot. In either case, as a thinking person who likes real challenges I couldn't care less about 'Flappy bird.'

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