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Another day, another fear-mongering 'Android is closed!'-article at Ars Technica. After Peter Bright's article last week (sharply torn to shreds by Dianne Hackborn), we now have an article with the scary title "New Android OEM licensing terms leak; 'open' comes with a lot of restrictions".

The title itself is already highly misleading, since one, the licensing terms aren't new (they're from early 2011 - that's three years old), and two, they're not licensing terms for Android, but for the suite of Google applications that run atop Android.

This article makes the classic mistake about the nature of Android. It conflates the Android Open Source Project with the suite of optional proprietary Google applications, the GMS. These old, most likely outdated licensing terms cover the Google applications, and not the open source Android platform, which anyone can download, alter, build and ship. Everyone can build a smartphone business based on the Android Open Source Project, which is a complete smartphone operating system.

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RE: Is AOSP still 'Android'?
by bassbeast on Fri 14th Feb 2014 23:11 UTC in reply to "Is AOSP still 'Android'?"
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Here is what I personally do not get...why is Thom and others waving that Google fanboi flag as hard as they can and getting upset when we have seen THIS EXACT SAME THING over and over AND OVER?

Company gets big, company becomes this REALLY shocking to anybody here? Let me spell it out in simple terms that will hopefully make it clear as crystal, the only reason Google was nice before was they were on the bottom but they are not on the bottom anymore, are they? Now they have a duty to the stockholders to seek maximum rent and you can't do that by giving the competition the tools to compete. think Google LIKES the Kindle? Not anymore than they liked those CCC tablets that removed their apps for some homebrew stuff.

At the end of the day when a company reaches the top they WILL become assholish and start doing any trick they can to insure that big fat money truck stays on course and they stay #1, we have seen this time and time and time again. And this isn't a slight on Google, not like they are the first company to become assholish when they reached #1, I'm just pointing out that as threats to their dominane show up they WIL be more like late 90s MSFT than they will be the old "throw cool shit at the wal and se what sticks" company of old.

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