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Amiga & AROS

The Amiga Operating System implementation of FUSE has been realized via a project called Filesysbox by Leif Salomonsson. A special thanks goes out to Leif for allowing his hard work to be utilized.

Amiga programmer extraordinaire Fredrik Wikström was then commissioned to port Filesysbox over to AmigaOS. Fredrik took the original code and updated it to AmigaOS 4.1 standards. This work included utilizing advanced DOS features such as object notification and the new file system API which seeks to completely avoid the esoteric DOS packet interface. Colin Wenzel is the main man behind the advanced DOS features.

Since I'm sure at least some of you will do a double-take upon reading this summary: they're referring to another kind of DOS.

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RE: Comment by Drumhellar
by bassbeast on Sat 15th Feb 2014 09:15 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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Uhhhh...kinda pointless,thanks.

I mean if this was USAToday or CNN? Then sure, explain away. But this is OSNews, a place where folks go that like to read about different CPU arches and indie OSes like Kolibri and Amiga so I'm sure that most if not all didn't see the word DOS and think "Cool I can run Windows 3.x on it!" but instead simply thought Disk Operating System.

Heck some of us old farts are even old enough to have written our first programs in some of those alternative Disk Operating Systems so its not like a shock that it isn't MS-DOS. Any other "Commodore Commanders" in the house?

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