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Google When my 3+ year old DELL laptop died a few weeks back, I decided to give Chromebooks a try. So the Acer C720, at just $199, became my new laptop. This is my experience with it so far.

The Acer C720 is similar in specs to other Chromebooks currently on the market. It's a Haswell architecture with a dual core Celeron, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB flash, HDMI-out, 3 USB, webcam, Bluetooth, and a 1366x768 px screen. It's 0.8" tall, and weighs just 2.76 lbs. Its battery life is rated for 8.5 hours but in real world usage rated at about 7 hours. You can view its specs in detail here.

The laptop feels very light, sturdy and of a good build quality. Its keyboard is easy to get accustomed to, and I had no trouble at all, coming from a radically different keyboard design on the DELL. The ChromeOS function keys are really handy too, e.g. to change brightness, volume etc. The touchpad has the right size, position and responsiveness too.

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RE[3]: Great Linux machines
by Eugenia on Sun 16th Feb 2014 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Great Linux machines"
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Replacing an SSD and adding more RAM by opening the laptop manually is not what most people who buy Chromebooks want to do. My point is that currently, the models offered by Google are *almost* all the same, and I find this very limiting: 11.6" screens with the same res, 16 GB SSD, 2 GB RAM for all sub-$250 laptops. There's no actual choice.

Personally, I could upgrade them, but I refuse to do so. I've left that world of tinkering years ago. Now, something that I buy, either works as I expected it to, or it ends up in the bin (sometimes I don't even donate it - I trash it to the recyclables and never look back at it). I don't have the patience or the interest for tinkering anymore. I'm 40 years old now, I prefer to do other things (e.g. cooking, gardening etc -- I know, I grew soft ;-).

If in the long run this Chromebook doesn't work as I want it to, I will buy a Macbook. Macbooks were my 1st choice in fact, but they were so much more expensive, that I decided to give Chromebooks a chance (at that price it made sense to do so). So far, since I do my main work with a PC, the Chromebook works ok for casual browsing when I sit in front of the TV. I use my iPad when I travel, or my Galaxy Nexus.

My previous laptop (the one that died) was running Ubuntu. I use the best device for each circumstance (based on my needs, of course), so I'm OS-agnostic. But what I buy, it has to work as it's expected of it, out of the box.

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