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The University of California, Berkeley, has been authorised by Alcatel-Lucent to release all Plan 9 software previously governed by the Lucent Public License, Version 1.02 under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.

I never really dove too deep into Plan 9, but it has always fascinated me. I think it's time to learn more - and I suggest you do so too. It's weekend, after all, right?

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My Plan 9 ritual...
by milatchi on Sun 16th Feb 2014 18:02 UTC
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I have a pattern with Plan 9. A ritual if you will.

Every two or three years I'll read an article that will get me excited about Plan 9.

The next day I'll research Plan 9: parse its documentation, research supported hardware/VMs, scour the web for posts and testimony of Plan 9's use.

On day three I install Plan 9 and poke around by issuing commands to rc, acclimating to acme with its "mouse chording," and then attempting to get networking setup.

Day four is my Plan 9 day of rest.

Day five I become apathetic to Plan 9, say "meh" and install another OS.

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