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Gionee has announced what the company claims is the thinnest smartphone in the world. Aside from boasting the most impressive 5.55mm waistline, the Elife S5.5 runs an Android-based Amigo OS, sports an octa-core 1.7 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and a duo of 13 MP and 5 MP cameras (back and front).

I've already made the jump to Chinese smartphones early last year, and with still zero complaints about the Find 5, I have no intention of ever going back. Here, too, Gionee, shows that the stereotype we have here of Chinese devices being nothing but clones is starting to get very, very outdated. Influenced by lobbying from western companies, our governments will do all they can to block the influx of Chinese devices for as long as they can, but it won't take long for consumer demand for high-quality devices at low prices to overcome that.

Chinese companies like Oppo, Huawei, Xaomi, and others will do to the device market what Japanese and later South-Korean car brands have done to the car market. If I were a Korean, Japanese, or American device maker - I'd be worried.

Also, I totally want this phone. Beautiful.

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RE[3]: Interesting
by Megol on Wed 19th Feb 2014 18:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Interesting"
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"[q]BTW, is it really the thinner (or the larger) the better? I just don't understand it.

What?!?!? Do you mean to suggest that "thinness" is just a irrelevant marketing-drone/fanboy talking point? The hell, you say! I know I constantly have the need to store my phone and laptop in manilla envelopes, doesn't everyone?

Some people leave their homes, and when they do so, they carry their phones in their pockets. The thinner said phone is, the more comfortable it is to carry.

Bullshit. Either you wear pants some sizes too small or are imaging things. At least for me the thickness of the phone have been less than the thickness of my (small, thin) wallet since 2006.
But I guess you don't have a wallet either? It would be to thick to be useful, right?

I know, what sorcery!

When writing something smug one should first see if it makes one look like an asshole. Guess what - you do.

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