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Canonical today announces it has signed agreements with mobile device manufacturers bq (Spain) and Meizu (China) to bring Ubuntu smartphones to consumers globally. Canonical is working with these partners to ship the first Ubuntu devices on the latest hardware in 2014. Ubuntu has also received significant support from the world's biggest carriers, some of which intend to work with OEM partners to bring phones to market this year.

Good news for Canonical.

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RE: Hope it works out.
by bassbeast on Thu 20th Feb 2014 06:58 UTC in reply to "Hope it works out. "
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If they can 1.- get phones in the crucial $150 or less sweet spot and 2.- Actually update the things? I can tell you they'll sell like fricking hotcakes here as many folks are sick and tired of having phones never get updates and just plain consumer unfriendly behavior on the part of the carriers and OEMs.

I know its bad enough in my area I'm making a nice chunk of change on the side just slapping ROMs on phones, here Walmart pushes their StraightTalk Android phones heavily and frankly OOTB they are barely even functional, freezes, crashes, the default ROM is a steaming turd.

If Canonical can hit the sweet spot and actually supports the things? I'll be happy to push the living hell out of them as well as pick one up myself, really getting tired of the Android BS go round.

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