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Microsoft isn't yet talking about the next update to Windows Phone. Though the company has made a series of small updates to Windows Phone 8, with three delivered so far, the platform is more or less the same as it was in 2012.

A big update is, however, in the cards. A series of leaks over the past few weeks have revealed an abundance of details about what Microsoft is likely to call Windows Phone 8.1. Unlike the three updates already made to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1 will be huge: so big that the 8.1 name (no doubt chosen to align the phone operating system with the desktop and tablet one) is downright misleading. If version numbers were determined by the scale of changes alone, this would be called Windows Phone 9.

Inside the bubble of Windows Phone, this is a huge update, and definitely one I'm looking forward to. However, outside of this bubble, this update contains nothing that iOS and Android haven't had for years, making WP 8.1 feel like what the platform should have been from day one.

If Microsoft can keep up with the competition going forward from 8.1, things could (finally) get interesting.

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RE[5]: A whole minor release
by Nelson on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 13:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: A whole minor release"
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Your argument places a lot of its weight in versioning semantics, which is something that's completely arbitrary. You, as a developer definitely know that.

What the GDRs did in aggregate was provide a steady stream of updates while the major release was worked on, Nokia helped along with their own updates and with their barrage of app updates (which along w/ 2nd party API hooks had more functionality than your run of the mill ap.)

Could the pace have been better? Absolutely pace can always improve. I think more than that transparency could've improved. Tell people in no uncertain terms that you're addressing specific pain points.

But still, given the massive reorg, the integration of Nokia, and the CEO change, I think Windows Phone has had a respectable (not perfect) update cadence.

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