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Unlike the original Galaxy Gear, which has a full build of Android 4.2.2 on board, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are running the Tizen OS - an open-source OS Samsung played a big hand in developing. That's good and bad, of course. It's great for those who have been waiting to see Tizen on a mainstream product (insofar as smartwatches are mainstream, we suppose) and bad for the tinkerers. That's also led Samsung to drop "Galaxy" from the product name.

I don't care much about the Gear, but I like that Samsung is finally using Tizen for something.

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RE: Smartwatches
by kompak on Mon 24th Feb 2014 05:18 UTC in reply to "Smartwatches"
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For example, why can I not tell my phone, 'Silence all notifications, unless my wife/boss/whoever tries to contact me'?

My ten year old Nokia can do this perfectly well. If today's phones are not capable of doing such simple things I'd say it's a major regression.

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