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The Galaxy S5 is here.

Our main takeaway from our brief time with the Galaxy S5 so far is that Samsung is has been listening to customers and critics alike, and has finally gotten around to addressing many of our gripes with its build quality, software and UI. It's still a plastic phone, and a plastic phone running TouchWiz at that, but the GS5 represents a clear improvement for Samsung in a bunch of important areas. The new Samsung UI strikes us as something we might enjoy using, rather than software that's just there. And the soft-touch back feels infinitely nicer in the hand than the glossy, slimy plastic of old.

It still baffles me how Sony, HTC, and even the Chinese manufacturers can make such beautiful, elegant, and well-built Android phones, and then people go out and buy Samsung Galaxy phones. They're so... Eh.

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I just couldn't give a flying f**k what the phone is made out of, as long as it's durable, which the Galaxy S phones definitely are.

I would like having a pretty phone, one that looks classy and attractive, so I do care about the materials used and how they are used. That said, I still went with the LG G2 just recently as I had to get a new phone; it's ugly to look at, I don't like how the back is all slippery and the edges are rounded so as to make it even harder to hold the phone. Alas, I deemed it to best suit my needs: a large, high-res screen that makes it easy to read text on and tremendous battery-life. The features are, still, more important than looks.

As for Touchwiz, some people don't like it, and that's fine. I do find some features useful though, esp the 'blocking mode'.

I only have experience with TouchWiz on the original Galaxy Note, but there I hated it. Samsung had insisted on replacing all the default apps with significantly inferior stuff that not only took way too long to launch, but also looked hideous and hid away some of the most important functionality. Maybe it's gotten better in newer Samsung-phones, I dunno.

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