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If you ever wanted to know why some people - including myself - have such a negative opinion of Samsung devices, consider the following. Let's take the latest CyanogenMod ROM for, say, my Find 51, and add the latest Google Apps package, and it totals at about 300 MB. That's the complete, fully functional Android operating system with all the Google applications and services.

The ROM on the Galaxy S5 takes up a whopping 8 GB.

No wonder Samsung swears by SD card slots.

1 I actually run OmniROM.

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locked bootloaders...
by bnolsen on Tue 25th Feb 2014 23:17 UTC
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Stupid me, I allowed my AT&T galaxy s4 business phone to update from an open firmware to one with a totally locked down bootloader. At least I was able to use something called 'safestrap' to get a system with every single piece of AT&T bloatware removed and almost all the samsung garbage gone as well, when I finally had enough of the builtin garbage.

The answer in the US is: buy a phone you can't lose control over and gut the power of the cell phone providers (AT&T and Verizon are both bad guys for locking their phones in this case).

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