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If you ever wanted to know why some people - including myself - have such a negative opinion of Samsung devices, consider the following. Let's take the latest CyanogenMod ROM for, say, my Find 51, and add the latest Google Apps package, and it totals at about 300 MB. That's the complete, fully functional Android operating system with all the Google applications and services.

The ROM on the Galaxy S5 takes up a whopping 8 GB.

No wonder Samsung swears by SD card slots.

1 I actually run OmniROM.

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by kurkosdr on Wed 26th Feb 2014 13:57 UTC
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Let's see, "16GB" is 14.9GB of actual space, let's set apart 2GB for caches and stuff, minus the 7.9GB that are free, so that makes us about 5GB of code.

When I hear about code that has a size of 5GB, my mind boggles (I am talking about pure code here, not games where game assets take the bulk of space). Can you imagine how long the source code for that code would be?

On a second thought, a large portion of that code can be multiple copies of the same code and unused assets (icons etc).

Bad news either way.

PS: Samsung phones measure storage and free space as decimal, so if you see "16GB" of storage in your Samsung phone, don't get too exited. It's really 14.9GB. And the free space you see is actually less.

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