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The Galaxy S5 is here.

Our main takeaway from our brief time with the Galaxy S5 so far is that Samsung is has been listening to customers and critics alike, and has finally gotten around to addressing many of our gripes with its build quality, software and UI. It's still a plastic phone, and a plastic phone running TouchWiz at that, but the GS5 represents a clear improvement for Samsung in a bunch of important areas. The new Samsung UI strikes us as something we might enjoy using, rather than software that's just there. And the soft-touch back feels infinitely nicer in the hand than the glossy, slimy plastic of old.

It still baffles me how Sony, HTC, and even the Chinese manufacturers can make such beautiful, elegant, and well-built Android phones, and then people go out and buy Samsung Galaxy phones. They're so... Eh.

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RE: Here's Why
by Kalessin on Wed 26th Feb 2014 22:42 UTC in reply to "Here's Why"
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MicroSD card storage.
2,800 mAh (removable) battery.

Exactly. I won't even look at a phone if it doesn't have an SD card slot and a removable battery. Pretty much nothing else matters IMHO if those aren't there, and yet so many phones don't have them. I'd love to pick up something like the Nexus 5, but it doesn't have either an SD card slot or a removable battery. The same goes for many, many phones now. It would be great to be able to compare phones based on other features, but when they can't get those two right, there's no point in even looking at them as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe if they put enough space in the phone itself, the SD card slot wouldn't matter as much, but even if they _did_ have 64+GB in the phones, you could at least double it by having an SD card slot, so why not have it? But there's no negotiating on the removable battery. That's a must, and it's ludicrous that any phones have batteries which can't be swapped out. That just makes it that much easier to run out of power and reduces the lifetime of the phone, since the battery is often going to be unusable long before the rest of the phone will be.

Also, while aesthetics are nice, they're completely trumped by functionality IMHO - especially when you're going to put the phone in a case to protect it anyway, so you won't even see what it looks like for the most part. The phone needs the right features, not the right look. The look only matters once the right functionality is there, and most phones just don't have it.

And while I have no interest in Touchwiz or any of Samsung's non-stock nonsense, all I have to do is root the phone and put another ROM on it, and that problem is solved.

So, while I'd love to give other phones a chance, manufacturers need to actually put SD card slots and removable batteries in their phones, or they're irrelevant as far as my phone choices go.

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