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Google's Android head, Sundar Pichai, on security (original in French):

We cannot guarantee that Android is designed to be safe, the format was designed to give more freedom. When people talk about 90% of malware for Android, they must of course take into account the fact that it is the most popular operating system in the world. If I had a company dedicated to malware, I would also be addressing my attacks on Android.

Malware authors may be writing a lot of malware for Android, but they're not very good at it - less than 0.001% of all application installations on Android (in and outside of Google Play) penetrate Android's security.

In other words, this is a complete non-issue - no matter how often antivirus companies and certain bloggers drum it up.

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RE: Not So Fast
by Radio on Fri 28th Feb 2014 10:03 UTC in reply to "Not So Fast"
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Compare this with iOS, which has had 2 successful malware app uploads ever (both to great fanfare).
And a gaping security hole exploited by the NSA (and maybe others) within a month of its appearance (or introduction).

Also, there are always trade-offs. Apps in iOS are completely siloed; apps in Android can share data. You can't fully secure that functionality. Anybody can design a system even safer than iOS: silo the apps, virtualize one OS instance per app, use non-rewritable ROM, reboot every five minutes. It would just be a pain in the *** to work with.

This is not something I just invented: some ideas are already implemented in Qubes.

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