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FreeBSD "The FreeBSD operating system is finally through it's buggy 5.x series and into the more reliable 6.x series. Most of the problems of the old days - kernel panics on multi-CPU machines, AMD64 troubles galore, and shaky network drivers - are gone. FreeBSD still isn't perfect, but at least with 6.0-RELEASE it's more stable and functional than it has been in the recent past."
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RE[2]: Buggy 5.3?
by r_a_trip on Wed 9th Nov 2005 17:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Buggy 5.3?"
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Again, this is just me; I had assumed ISOs were for Linux/Windows users who were accustomed to software coming on CDs.

For me it comes on CD's to install it on other PC's that don't have a base install yet. The rest is handled through APT and (sometimes) Synaptic.

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