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The inevitable happened. Google apps got installed on the freshly announced Nokia X after a crafty member of XDA Developers rooted the Android handset. The root was achieved via the Framaroot app. The bootloader of the device is unsurprisingly locked, so instead of flashing a single zip file, users need to copy the apk files for Google apps via a root explorer application. After the root, Nokia X also runs Google Now Launcher without breaking a sweat.

And with that Frankenlauncher out of the way, the Nokia X suddenly became worth buying.

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RE: Not for everyone...
by Radio on Mon 3rd Mar 2014 22:30 UTC in reply to "Not for everyone..."
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It's not going to be sold in the US.

Too bad for them, a sub-100$ working smartphone is always worthy, if only as a burner phone (for festivals and other situations where one might lose one's phone, mind you) or just hacking. Could make a nice mesh network with a truckload of hacked Nokia X (the cheap screen wouldn't be a matter anymore, the chip and radio are the real meat)...

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