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A new tipping point in the world of tablets: today the analysts at Gartner have released their tablet sales numbers for 2013, and Android has topped the list for the most popular platform for the first time, outselling Appleā€™s range of iPad tablets nearly twofold. Of the 195 million tablets sold in 2013, Android took nearly 62% of sales on 121 million tablets, while Apple sold 70 million iPad tablets for a 36% share.

In comparison, last year, Apple led the tablet category with nearly 53% of sales on 61 million units, compared to Android at nearly 46% with 53 million tablets sold.

This was always inevitable. Apple won't mind though - they're still raking in the profits.

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RE[5]: Apple is a Luxury Brand
by aldo on Tue 4th Mar 2014 00:21 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Apple is a Luxury Brand"
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So we agree then that they're not a luxury brand such as Rolex, or Louis Vuitton, as was originally suggested? Mass-market high street goods, a large proportion of which are sold on hire-purchase contracts, are not many people's definition of a luxury brand, I would suggest...

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