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Connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems’ platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles. We have a long-standing partnership with Apple to ensure high-quality connectivity with their devices, and this partnership extends to support for Apple CarPlay.

Yes, Apple CarPlay runs on QNX. Makes sense - I'm guessing (?) in-car software needs a lot of certification and testing, which QNX' in-car platforms all already have.

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RE[5]: Call Me Dense
by jared_wilkes on Tue 4th Mar 2014 23:07 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Call Me Dense"
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Your ignoring the most basic difference in strategies for ideological reasons and ignoring that my posts have mainly been to point out that Thom is completing misinterpreting a PR statement to suggest that CarPlay is dependent on QNX.

However, I don't see how there is any way of avoiding the fact that Apple's strategy (using its own device capabilities to make car head units and UI into a thin client versus other strategies who want to integrate their device capabilities directly into the car's head unit) is closer to the goal mentioned above than not. Additionally, I've already pointed out that the actual strategy that you endorse has been around in MirrorLink and other initiatives and is unlikely to succeed. There's no need to call for a OSNews circle jerk to try to develop something that exists; there is a need to overcome the massive forces of capitalism and practicality to make it a reality however.

Nor do I accept your ideology as truism; you should really avoid the absurdity of absolutism in most of your statements. It's not persuasive, it is exactly the opposite.

Carplay may be a good interface, but I'll always have objections to it as long as apple dictates how we (users&devs) get to use it.

No shit, you're a troll. It takes seeing about 3 of your posts to know that.

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