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What's missing on all non-Microsoft platforms, as it turns out, is a formalized way to view at least two mobile apps side-by-side on screen. This is a feature that Microsoft added to Windows 8 and then improved dramatically in Windows 8.1, and while many desktop users scoff at its simplicity, it remains a key differentiator. Windows, as I've noted before, is unparalleled when it comes to productivity, even in the mobile world.

Pretty sure Google will introduce windowing support soon in Android, possibly within the next 18-24 months (Android 5.0, perhaps?). It seems inevitable. iOS, on the other hand - we'll see.

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"On the Desktop I find Linux+KDE much more productive"

... You've picked the one major thing Linux excels in (programmer/hacking tools) to "address" the notion that Windows is unparalleled in productivity. Bear in mind, 99% of computer and tablet users aren't programmers and their productivity is really enhanced on a Windows machine because of the consistency of the experience and the fact that there is only one way to do things. Once they mastered Windows, they could forget about the fact that it was Windows they were learning and go about getting their real work done -- for years. Linux is fun and exciting and has a million techy-ways to accomplish any goal to the detriment of simplicity. You can look to the success of VB6 to illustrate my point (Although as a real programmer, I hate VB6). This is where Windows excels -- the Business/VB6/"I don't program at home for fun" crowd.

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