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The Mozilla Foundation has begun an investigation after tech juggernaut Dell appeared to be asking customers to pay GBP 16.25 ($27) to install its free web browser Firefox on newly purchased Dell kit.


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RE: The "source"
by ddc_ on Thu 6th Mar 2014 10:42 UTC in reply to "The "source""
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Incredibly bad value for money? Sure.
License violation? No.

Sure it's not license violation – It is trademark terms of use violation. If Dell was selling IceWeasel or whatever else unbranded Firefox build, there would be no legal problem. In Mozilla's own words:
For example, it's OK if your website says, "Internet browser customization services for Firefox available here." It's not OK, though, if it says, "Firefox Internet browser customization services sold here," or "custom Firefox Internet browsers available here," since the first suggests that Mozilla is related to your business, and the second is confusing as to whom -- you or Mozilla -- performed the customization.

That is: Dell does something explicitly disallowed by Mozilla's trademark policy.

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