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Apple The first commercial Apple Macintosh computers running on Intel processors may be released a bit earlier than expected, believes UBS Investment Research analyst Ben Reitzes. He claims that Apple will have new products and content to announced at the Macworld Expo scheduled for early January and notes that Intel is expected to unveil its dual-core Yonah processor for mobiles also early next year.
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by Tuishimi on Wed 9th Nov 2005 18:32 UTC
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Thank you for whoever modded down "Anonymous". Not sure why people feel the need to do more than comment about the presented article or information contained therein.

People, if you disagree with something someone comments on ABOUT THE ARTICLE then voice your opinion. Provide REASONS for your disagreement.

Comments like "That's stupid!" "Yonah is a joke!" are useless and meaningless. Further, attacking the writer of a comment is neither polite nor necessary, nor is it supported by the rules of this news board.

Sorry for my "rant". I am probably guilty of this at times as well, but at least I generally recognize it and try to rectify it.

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