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Out of the millions of things Samsung throws at a wall each year to see what sticks, they seem to have picked the fake leather on devices. The most recent victim? A Windows 8 laptop - the ATIV Book 9 'Style'. This thing joins the phones, tablets, and ChromeBooks Samsung has already tacked the fake leather onto.

Genuine question: is there anyone in the audience here who likes this look? If so, why?

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Cheap is the name
by poliorcetes on Sun 9th Mar 2014 10:57 UTC
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In European Spanish, maybe the most accurate translation would be "cutre". It's too close to the bags that are offered in the middle of the streets.

I have a note 3, a fine piece of equipment, but one of the reasons that I quickly bought a cover was to avoid the sight of this absurd imitation of leather.

Ok, it seems that Apple still dominate the nowadays' taste for Americans and therefore the rest of the world follow. But metal is heavier than reinforced plastic, even aluminium.

Policarbonate is quite sturdy and lighter than aluminium. One of my thinkpads went to the floor from more than 1m, but policarbonate resisted the shock perfectly. I really would appreciate policarbonate in both laptops, tablets and smartphones even if the final result is less thin. My devices would be better protected without needing a case

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