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Out of the millions of things Samsung throws at a wall each year to see what sticks, they seem to have picked the fake leather on devices. The most recent victim? A Windows 8 laptop - the ATIV Book 9 'Style'. This thing joins the phones, tablets, and ChromeBooks Samsung has already tacked the fake leather onto.

Genuine question: is there anyone in the audience here who likes this look? If so, why?

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RE[2]: Could be worse
by kurkosdr on Sun 9th Mar 2014 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Could be worse"
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Have you played with it in person? They don't even use a good imitation.
It'd be bad enough if they used pleather, but this is just grooves in a generic case-backing plastic.

So, they are imitating faux-leather plastic with a cheaper kind of plastic.

As arstechnica said, it's not faux-leather, but faux-faux-leather.

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