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Out of the millions of things Samsung throws at a wall each year to see what sticks, they seem to have picked the fake leather on devices. The most recent victim? A Windows 8 laptop - the ATIV Book 9 'Style'. This thing joins the phones, tablets, and ChromeBooks Samsung has already tacked the fake leather onto.

Genuine question: is there anyone in the audience here who likes this look? If so, why?

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RE[2]: Could be worse
by Flatland_Spider on Sun 9th Mar 2014 20:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Could be worse"
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<sarcasm>Because it's fake, fake, and that is so awesome. It looks like fake leather, but it's not. It's even faker then that. In low light at the right angle, it looks like a really expensive laptop, and I didn't pay that much for it.</sarcasm>

I don't like it either. It's tacky and cheap. Samsung should drop the pretense, and embrace the fact they make cheap products who's only redeeming quality is that they're cheap.

This is like every electronic device having a clock and several other features that aren't relevant to it's purpose. It's a microwave with a clock, PDA functions, and Tetris.

However, there are enough people with bad taste to make this thing successful. Look at Wal-mart.

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