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Jolla has been keeping their OS in beta testing program since November last year when they have finally released their device ahead of schedule. Since then we have seen 4 updates hitting our devices each month naturally and it's something we have not seen from any other manufacturer other than Jolla.

And now here we are with the Sailfish 1.0 which will be released in about a week after this video was published.

Nice detailed video about all the new stuff in the first non-beta release, Sailfish 1.0. It'll be released next week.

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Pretty much the way I think of it. Going from my N9 to the Note 3, I really miss the low power screen. Just a blank slab of electronics sitting there on my desk is useless to me, whereas at a simple glance at my N9, I can see all sorts of cool stuff, like the weather, the battery level, IP address, custom scripts, etc.

Anyone know of a way to get that with the Note 3?

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