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iOS 7 is unlikely to run better on the iPhone 4 than it does in iOS 7.1. That's not to say that the experience is great - even stepping up to an iPhone 4S would get you noticeable gains in performance and overall smoothness - but it's better than it was, and it's as good as it's going to get.

If you're sticking with the iPhone 4 for another year, iOS 7.1 makes performance tolerable enough that using the phone isn't unbearable.

Good news for iPhone 4 owners - and good on Apple for taking care of this demographic.

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Re: "using the phone isn't unbearable"
by Froyton on Tue 11th Mar 2014 12:39 UTC
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Was it a risk that iPhone 4 owners would be groaning and saying to themselves "wow, this phone is just completely unbearable... if ONLY I could get iOS 7.1"? Don't get me wrong, iPhone 4 users should be excited to be getting the latest version of their OS, but this mentality that a phone is "unbearable" without the absolute latest just strikes me as odd. The iPhone 4 was leading-edge at one point, and I imagine it still does texting, calling, photo snapping, web browsing and playing games just fine on iOS 7.0. Of course, if there are actual bugs with 7.0 on the iPhone 4, then of course this entire paragraph is moot; otherwise, I remain baffled.

I mean, I don't feel like my Razr HD is a piece of garbage just because it's only dual-core, 1GB RAM and running Android 4.1 - I love it just as much as I did when I first bought it.

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